Save Battery on Galaxy S7, S7 Edge by Scheduling Always On Display

One of the signature features of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, Always On Display, just received a rather useful update.

There are a number of changes that have arrived with this update for the dedicated feature. But the most important is that you can now schedule when to start the Always-On Display and when to stop it. It’s a useful addition that means you can limit Always On Display to a custom time range and save battery life.


Apart from improving Always On Display, Samsung also updated the Night Clock on the Galaxy S7 edge. It seems you can now have it enabled for up to 18 hours while you could keep it on for a maximum of 12 hours previously.

All these updates are included in the update to Always On Display, which you can grab by going into the Settings » Display » Always On Display, heading into the About section at the bottom, and hitting the update button.