How to Speed Up the HTC 10 in Seconds

The new HTC 10 is one of the most powerful smartphones available in 2016 with a lot to offer, but this quick trick can make it faster and better. Here we’ll show users how to speed up the HTC 10 in a matter of seconds simply by changing a few hidden settings.

How to Speed Up the HTC 10 in Seconds


The first step is gaining access to a hidden developer option in settings on the HTC 10.

Owners will need to start by pulling down the notification bar and selecting the gear-shaped settings button. Once in settings navigate to the last panel titled “System” and select “About”. Then where it says “Software information” tap that and select “More”. Next we need to tap on “Build number” seven (7) times. This will enable the hidden developer menu of settings, which is where we change a few things and speed up the HTC 10.


Above is an image of these settings, where they’re located, and what it looks like. After tapping build number a few times users will see a prompt, then another once they’re done.

Speed Up Your Device

With the developer menu unlocked we’ll need to navigate there and change three quick settings about halfway down the screen to speed up any Android device.

Head to Settings > Developer Options > Advanced and Scroll down a little more than halfway to Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale. These are all set to 1x. Turning these values up (higher numbers) you’ll see animations and screen transitions get slower, we’re turning it down so things are faster.


Now just change all three of those settings shown above, down from 1.0x to 0.5x value. Now when users open apps, swipe through screens, or do anything all the animations and effects will be cut in half, and twice as fast. The phone will instantly feel almost twice as fast, and that’s because everything is swiping, flowing, or opening faster and with less pretty animations.