T-Mobile Increases price on iPhone 5 by $50

First, T-Mobile didn’t even offer the iPhone. Then, last month, it started offering the phone for $100—and it sold half-a-million phones in three weeks. But now, the carrier has boosted the upfront price on that iPhone 5 to $150, T-Mobile is saying the initial $99.99 down payment was a promotional price that ended Sunday.

T-Mobile said the full price for the iPhone 5, now at $629.99, is still lower than purchasing an unlocked iPhone 5, which typically costs $650, The monthly equipment installment doesn’t change thankfully from $20 over 24 months and it still allows T-Mobile to claim it’ still offering the most affordable upfront price available in the market.

The T-Mobile iPhone 5’s new price now brings it in line with that of the Samsung Galaxy S 4, which also has a down payment of $149.99. Meanwhile, the HTC One, another top-of-the-line smartphone that came out in April, is still available with a down payment of $99.99.

Raising prices after an unknown promotional period…how very “UNcarrier.”