Tremendously successful Pebbel’s smartwatch received firmware and Android update for version 2.3

Pebble smartwatch has been a huge success. It started off as a Kickstarter device funded through crowdfunding, which set the records for the amount of money it raised. This smartwatch has been made available for purchase on Pebble’s official website as well as on Best Buy. Pebble recently received the new updates for its Android and iOS apps along with an update for its firmware.

The arrival of the firmware version 2.9 has added up the support for the actionable notifications. It has also added the support for other Android devices such as smartphones operating Android 4.0 or higher, which can pair with Pebble.

If Android users want to take advantage of the Pebble’s version 2.3, they need to update their firmware to 2.9. The new update offers five pre-written message replies to the notifications. By making use of the Android compatible message apps, you can easily reply to the TEXT messages through your Pebble smartwatch. Along with the SMS notifications, you will also be able to get the watsapp notifications, along with the automatic watch face and app updates when the Pebble is not in use. This new update has also brought big fixes, performance and stability enhancements.

The iOS users can find the updates in the Apple Store which will upgrade the app version to 2.6.4. This will add to the Javascript apps for Pebble which iOS users can get from the Pebble app store. Though it fixs some bugs and exhibits stability improvements but even Pebble adds that it’s not much different from iOS 2.6.