How To Trick Out your iphone’s Status Bar By Replacing The Career Name With Custom Logos Or Text

SoftModders are forever searching for ways in which to stand aside from everybody else, whether or not it’s obtaining a clear dock background or adding additional app icons to your home screen. Totally different is often better.

Replacing your carrier name with a cool logo or custom text is not a very conspicuous tweak; however it’s positively an alternative to what everybody else has. All you just have to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with evasi0n7 jailbreak running iOS 7 and use some Cydia apps to tweak the status bar, that I will cover below.

How to replace carrier name with a custom symbol

We have showed you people how to change your carrier name in the past without jailbreaking your IOS 6 device but now it is not compatible with new IOS 7. But now there is a solution to that problem but it requires jailbreak. You can easily jailbreak your device and then go to cydia to install the new tweak called “Zeppelin”.

Once “Zeppelin” is installed, your device will respiring. After that you have to enable the tweak. For that go to settings and scroll down until you see “Zeppelin”. Go to Zeppelin and enable the tweak and choose your custom symbol you like to see instead of your carrier name and it will change your symbol without rebooting your device.

How to Replace the Carrier Name with Custom Text

If you don’t like symbols, there is a way to add custom text instead of symbol. For that again you have to go to cydia and look for “FakeCarrier”. Once you install this tweak and your device respiring that tweaks puts an icon on your screen. Open that icon and you will able to set custom text instead of your carrier name or a custom symbol. But there is a little inconvenience in this tweak. Every time you change your text your device will respiring to save it.


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