Turn your Apple iPhone into an air freshener with Scentee

I know you are confused because of this image and thinking What’s this? A plug-in loudspeaker? An external flash? A retina scanner? No, it’s the utterly bizarre Scentee, an aroma-generating thingamabob that gives your smartphone scent notifications on timed intervals, an alarm clock setting, or whenever you feel like a spray is necessary.

The Scentee costs $35 and can be filled with different fragrances. Each one costs $5 and is good for about 100 sprays. You can choose from coffee, lavender, rose, rosemary and strawberry.

Scentee works with iPhone 4S to 5S and iPad 2, 3 and Mini using iOS 7.0.3 or later. Currently the only stated Android support is with the Samsung Galaxy SC-04E, which is available only in Japan.