Two variants of Samsung Galaxy S6 about to hit the market, report confirms

Though no words about the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S6 has been heard at the recent CES 2015 but there are rumors everywhere about it s arrival in the near future. According to the report by Business Insider, this exclusive device is anticipated to be launched soon in two different variations, regular and edge.

These speculations are made on the basis of its predecessors Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and its slight variation Galaxy Note Edge which was launched in September, last year. Both of these devices slightly differ in their outlook.

It is expected that the launch of Samsung S6 and its variant will take place at the World Mobile Conference in March. The first variation of S6 is anticipated to be launched in the metallic body design which will be a shift from the complete plastic casings which are used in most of the versions of Galaxy devices.

Probably, the first version of Samsung Galaxy S6 will be unibody metallic design quite similar to that of iPhone because a few weeks ago, the alleged unibody metallic design of Galaxy S6, leaked. Its second variant is expected to have curved edged design similar to that of the Galaxy Note Edge, released last year. The curved part of the screen in Note Edge has been used separately to display stuff like notifications, updates, apps etc.

Along with the latest Samsung Galaxy S6, it is also expected to reveal its exclusive round smart watch at MCW. So let’s wait for the big event which will expose big things from Samsung.