Uninstall and restore multiple Android apps at once using App Master

Uninstalling apps on Android devices can be a little cumbersome. There are two ways to do it, or you have to go to Settings > Apps and find the app you want to uninstall, or you have to do it via the Play Store, which is even more annoying.

Thankfully, App Master, is a powerful tool that not only makes removing a bunch of apps a breeze, but lets you quickly restore any app you might remove by mistake. It’s also free, and its ads aren’t an annoyance. Here’s how to make use of this blessing of an app:

How to uninstall multiple Android apps

1. open App Master
2. select the app you want to uninstall
3. tap Uninstall.
Easy does it.

How to restore Android apps

To restore previously uninstalled apps, head to the Recycle Bin panel. Restoring works in the exact same way – mark the apps and tap Restore. However, the process is a little less automatic – you will have to approve each app’s installation by hitting the Install button.

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