How to Update Galaxy S3 I9300 to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with SlimBean Build 4.2

SlimBean Build 4.2 Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 is out and available for download. Slim Bean team recently released the Build 4.2 of Slim Bean 4.2.2 Jelly Bean custom ROM for Galaxy S3 I9300. The Build 4.2 released very soon after the release of Build 4 with some quick fixes. Slim Bean custom ROM known for its minimum size and speedy nature. Those who already update the Build 4 of Slim Bean 4.2.2 Jelly Bean ROM on their Galaxy S3 I9300, they can dirty flash their device with this Build 4.2. So, If you wish to try out this customized custom ROM Slim Bean 4.2.2 Build 4.2 on your Galaxy S3 I9300 then read through this page to know the step-by-step procedure.


We at smartphonesupdates write tutorial to help out fellow Android users but all this guide are educational purpose only. You should try this guide at your own risk. Neither we nor the developer should be responsible if your Android device experience a damage after following this tutorial. Also remember,this guide is only applicable for Galaxy S3 I9300. Don’t try this guide in any other Android device. It may hard brick your device.

Steps to install SlimBean Build 4.2 Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300

Step-1: Download SlimBean Build 4.2 Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3 to the computer [Alternative link]

Step-2: Download SlimBean Gapps [Google apps package]

Step-3: Plug in the USB cable to the Galaxy Note to connect it with the computer. Then transfer the downloaded zip files to SD card of the device. Do not extract any files

Step-4: Unplug the USB cable from the phone and then turn it off

Step-5: Place the device into recovery mode by pressing and holding Volume Up, Volume Down and Power buttons together until the screen flashes. Then release all three buttons

[Note: In recovery mode, use the Volume keys to scroll between the options and use Power button to select the desired option.]

Step-6: While in recovery mode, first perform a Nadroid backup of the existing ROM which can be restored later if the new ROM does not work or users wish to go back to the previous ROM. To do so, select Backup and Restore then on the next screen select Backup again. When the action is completed, return to the main recovery menu

Step-7: Perform data wiping task to avoid clash between the new ROM and the previous one. Select wipe data/factory reset and then select Yes on the next screen to confirm the action. Wait for a few minutes until the data wiping process is done and then go back to the recovery menu. Select wipe cache partition then select Wipe Dalvik Cache under advanced option to perform Dalvik cache wiping. When the action is completed, return to the main recovery menu

Step-8: Select install zip from sdcard then select choose zip from sdcard. Brose to the SlimBean Build 4.2 ROM zip file earlier copied to the SD card. Select it by pressing the Power button and confirm installation on the next screen. The installation procedure should start now

Step-9: After the ROM is installed, follow the similar procedure (step-8) and choose the SlimBean Gapps zip file to install the Google Apps on the phone

Step-10: Once the installation process is completed, go back to main recovery menu and select reboot system now to reboot the device and boot up into the new customised Jelly Bean ROM. The phone will take about five minutes to boot up for the first time

[Note: To go back to the previous ROM, boot the device into recovery mode, select Backup and Restore then restore the ROM by selecting it from the list.]

Samsung Galaxy S3 should now be running on SlimBean Build 4.2 Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean ROM. Navigate to Settings>> About Phone to verify the  software version of the device.

Slim Bean Build 4.2 Key Features:

  • Add SlimPIE
  • Add Custom Shortcut Tile
  • Add SlimIRC
  • Add Sound Recorder [deleted speech recorder]
  • Add Camera sound toggle
  • Add Auto-Hide Statusbar
  • More Camera resolutions
  • New Blacklist functionality
  • Add ability to dismiss voicemail notifications
  • Polish and cleanup SlimCenter
  • Enhance NFC from upstream AOSP
  • Add complete IBSS Support in base


  • Update to JDQ39E
  • Added Music Playback Control Tile
  • Added Developer option for MediaScanner Behavior Control on Boot
  • Added TextArea size to Mms
  • Enhanced Auto-Brightness UI
  • Updated PlayStore to v4.0.26


  • Fixed Translation issues [Spanish/Italian/Polish/Chinese/French]
  • Fixed SlimSizer FC
  • Fixed BlackList button behavior
  • Fixed NavBar menu hidden on softkey devices
  • Fixed SlimIRC bugs
  • Fixed DashClock extension icons hidden when minimized
  • Fixed PIN entry disabled by some apps