Update to iOS 9.3.2 results in bricked 9.7-inch Apple iPad Pro tablets

Some owners of the 9.7-inch Apple iPad Pro tablet are discovering that the new iOS build is bricking their slate shortly after it is installed. An “Error 56” message pops up directing users to plug their device into iTunes. That really hasn’t been the solution for bricked iPad Pro users.

While not all 9.7-inch iPad Pro users have reported problems, there have been a number of reports on the MacRumors forums and on social networks, suggesting the problem is widespread. Attempting to restore through iTunes doesn’t appear to resolve the issue.

Apple’s support document says that Error 56 is a hardware issue, and the document suggests that the user install the latest version of iTunes, and check to make sure that there are no problems with third-party security software. It recommends checking the USB cable. the tablet and the network to make sure that they are all reliable, whatever that means. You should then try to restore the iPad Pro twice. If the error message continues to appear, contact Apple support.

In a situation like this, where there is no quick fix that is working, it will be up to Apple to disseminate a cure in the form of a new software update. Apple will no doubt try to get this out ASAP, especially since there are a number of iPad Pro owners who can’t use their slates until the issue is all cleared up.

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