How to update T-Mobile and AT&T’s LG G3 to Marshmallow

Both AT&T and T-Mobile have begun to roll out the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update to the LG G3, as Android Authority reported. The Android M update got its first release date for the LG G3 from AT&T, and over the air (OTA) update notifications should be hitting the Korean company’s 2014 flagship already.

T-Mobile’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow upgrade should also be rolling out OTA now or in the near future.

How to update T-Mobile and AT&T’s LG G3 to Marshmallow

T-Mobile users will be able to flash the update to their devices using LG’s PC Suite software, while AT&T users will have to wait for the update to come via an OTA update. It’s possible that this is just a series of soak tests before both carriers officially roll out the full update to everyone with the G3.

Whats New in Marshmallow

One major user-facing feature coming to the LG G3 thanks to Marshmallow is the ability to move apps to microSD, to save internal storage. Besides this, you can expect the full suite of Marshmallow features, including Doze mode for improving battery life, granular permissions, and Google Now on Tap, which picks up search terms from active apps making quick research a breeze.

Support documents on the AT&T and T-Mobile website still indicate that Android 5.0.1 Lollipop is the most current software available for the G3. There’s no word as yet from the carriers on when they plan on releasing this update over-the-air, as I am sure many wouldn’t like to go through the hassle of updating the handset manually, it shouldn’t take long for the OTA to arrive.