Users of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Get ready for the Latest Android 5.0 update

If you are a proud owner of the unlocked Samsung 3.0 then you are about to get the Android 5.0 update on your phone soon! It has already been leaked and your Samsung phones are scheduled to get the Latest Android Lollipop 5.0 updates. Looking for the leak build? I have it exclusively for you for your device.

The build is present at the forum of XDA developers for the SM-9005 version of Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The weight of the complete update is about 1.1 GB. This software bundle “N9505XXUGBNL8” has the build and it is not yet officially live, but you can still enjoy most of the features of AndroId 5.0. The new update has a revised version of TouchWiz and has an ART (Android Runtime) which makes it quite fast in starting the apps as compared to the previous one.

For the first time when you will boot your device, after getting the update, the phone will start up slow and will take longer time. The first application you should be viewing is the Android 5.0 Start-Up wizard.
Do not risk your phone, if you do not have the knowledge of what to do with the update and how to proceed with it. So I highly recommend that you first back up your phone data before going through with the update.

If you are trying to run the update, be sure that you are having the SM-N9005 model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 because this unofficial update will not work on other versions of the phablet.