What to Do If You Lost Your Samsung Galaxy S4

You can find your lost Samsung Galaxy S4 by following these steps:

Step no 1: “Active Remote Controls”
For the purpose of using Galaxy S4 find my phone services you have to enable “Remote Control” services of the mobile phone.

To active “Remote Controls”. Go to Settings; Find My Mobile, Remote Controls.

If your device is registered with a Samsung account, your Remote Controls will automatically be enabled. You should allow the option to use wireless network because Wi-Fi will help you to locate your device.

Step 2: Using Find My Phone on website

You can also lock your mobile phone with help of 4-digit pin code to stop other people from using your private mobile phone.

You can also set a particular number whom can call even when your device is locked. Samsung also gives you the option to put phrases on your locked phone screen.

If you use locate My Phone function it will show you all the location history of your mobile on your mobile screen but if you had lost your mobile phone you just have to use “Lock my Function” for the purpose of locking your mobile phone so nobody can misuse it.

If you use ring my phone function, your mobile ringtone will ring for at least 1 minute on the highest volume even when your phone is on silent mode.

If you have lost your mobile phone, you can use Call/Messaging Forwarding function to forward your calls or messages to any other number which can receive calls and messages, if you message is too long it will only forward a part of your message.

You can also retrieve your call history of previous week. Just go to call log tab and you will find your last week’s call history.

if you are not able to find your mobile phone, you can use the function of “wipe my mobile” to wipe out all your data internal or external from your mobile so no one can stole it or use it for harmful purposes. You can also factory reset your mobile phone. It also informs you when somebody changes your Sim-card.