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World’s most expensive smartphone

Liverpool jewelry designer Stuart Hughes, gained worldwide fame with the release of exclusive versions of high-tech devices, such as diamond iPhone 4, Platinum MacBook Air and Gold iPad 2. Now, the enthusiast has built an iPhone 5 with gold and diamonds. Hughes is confident that his iPhone 5 has worth of 10 million pounds (15.3 million dollars) – is the world’s most expensive smartphone.

iphone 5

According to Stuart Hughes the whole process took him 9 weeks to build and the complete device has been made by hand. The outside casing of the smartphone is said to be made up for 24-carat gold, While the button “Home” made of black diamond weighing 26 carats. In addition,the Apple logo, and corner of iphone 5 are decorated with white diamonds.The device is encrusted with 600 precious stones, out of which, 53 are housed in the Apple logo at the back.

It is noted that this ultra-expensive smartphone was ordered by a Chinese based businessman, who owns the black diamond that went into the construction. The special luxuries edition of iPhone 5 costs £10 million (about $15.3 million). However, there are simpler versions of the device too, which is made of gold and goes for the much easier to swallow $33,800.